4 Steps to Reduce Your Sugar Intake for Healthy Gums and Teeth

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Did you know that those who consume at least one 12 oz. of sugar-sweetened drink a day have a 22 percent increased risk of diabetes? Apart from the ill effects on your overall health, it turns out that sugar is also the main culprit for the development of gum and teeth problems. Here at our Waterloo dental practice, we make it a point to not only provide the highest quality in Ontario dental services but also help you prevent teeth and gum problems through client education.

1. Watch what you’re drinking!

Steer clear from soda and sugary drinks. Why not think of soda as a treat rather than a daily beverage that you need to consume? Besides, did you know that too much soda in your life will put you at a much higher risk for obesity and osteoporosis? Also, too much of the stuff will trigger your pancreas to produce loads of insulin which is actually detrimental to your health.

2. Treat your sweet tooth naturally.

While the occasional piece of cake or scoop of gelato ice cream is perfectly acceptable, seek healthier alternatives when it comes to spoiling your sweet tooth. Have you tried almonds drizzled with honey? How about maple syrup or agave sugars? Or have a slice of your favorite fruit instead!

3. Choose black.

When it comes to coffee, go black. Choose to brew your own or the next time you’re in a cafe with friends, order a straight-up espresso or americano. Besides, it isn’t really coffee when your order a caramel frappuccino right? You’ll be surprise how much sugar is in your favorite iced coffee!

4. Cut down and limit your intake of processed/packaged foods and learn how to cook  your own meals.

Have you ever wondered why you could never replicate the taste of processed spaghetti sauce, soups, or salad dressings? It’s because most manufacturers add loads of sugar into their products! So apart from carefully reading labels, limit your processed food intake and consider cooking your own. By cooking your own food, you will less likely season them with herbs and spices rather than tons of sugar and salt.

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