Because It’s More Than Just a Tooth Loss

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There’s actually more to tooth loss than compromising one’s ability to effortlessly chew foods. If you look at it closely, there are several negative effects which go beyond the physical absence of a tooth/teeth. Here at our Waterloo cosmetic dental practice, we have helped men and women alike deal with tooth loss and the psychological and social problems associated with it. Let’s take a quick look as to how tooth loss could potentially reduce one’s quality of life.

Limited Social Interaction

Individuals with tooth loss have been found to have limited social interaction due to embarrassment and poor self-image issues. Have you noticed why certain individuals tend to not that totally laugh or smile when interacting with others? They may appear awkward while conversing with others. This study on the emotional effects of tooth loss revealed that the condition hinders the formation of close relationships with others.


As pointed out earlier, individuals with tooth loss may have limited social interaction hence depression is most likely to occur as well. Tooth loss sufferers may isolate themselves from society which is actually a precursor to early stages of depression.

Deterioration of Physical Appearance

With tooth loss, the health of the remaining teeth are also jeopardized. Gum tissue could by turns recede and shrink which makes it easier for bacteria to reach the tooth’s delicate structures. Also, bone tissue could slowly deteriorate which could alter one’s physical appearance as the jaw becomes smaller. Lastly, the gaps in between teeth could also weaken the cheek muscles making the person look older.

Tooth Loss Solutions in Waterloo

Here at our Waterloo dental practice, we understand how tooth loss could be damaging to one’s personal confidence as well as self-image. Let us help you deal with the potential damaging effects mentioned above by calling 519.748.2282 or by filling out this contact form! We look forward to your visit with us!