Dental Implant Basics in Waterloo, Ontario

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By and large, you are an ideal candidate for dental implants if you have missing teeth. Yet, there are certain conditions which may influence your eligibility for dental implants such as untreated periodontal disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and chronic cigarette smoke. Here at The Arvanitis Clinic in Waterloo, Ontario, we will thoroughly assess whether dental implants will work to your advantage or not. Continue reading to learn more about the basics of dental implants!

Closest Alternative to Natural Teeth

Dental implants are the closest alternative to natural teeth. An implant is, by and large, made of metal which makes up an artificial tooth root. Before your scheduled treatment, Waterloo implant dentist Dr. George Arvanitis will thoroughly assess and evaluate your mouth to ensure that you have sufficient bone mass to support your new implants on a long-term basis.

Dental Implants vs. Natural Teeth

So how do dental implants differ from natural teeth? First, natural teeth is often attached to the surrounding bone via a ligament composed of collagen fibers which connect to the tooth on one side and to the bone on the other end. On the other hand, dental implants directly connect to the bone alone.

Also, natural teeth is prone to tooth decay hence the need for regular preventive therapies such as root canal therapy. Dental implants, on one hand, are not susceptible to decay. In addition, while natural teeth is prone to periodontal disease, dental implants should be watched out for peri-implanitis, an inflammatory condition which could result from the bacterial film surrounding the implant’s tissues. If left unchecked, this condition could lead to disintegration of the bone surrounding the implant.

New Teeth in a Day at The Arvanitis Clinic!

Are you currently wearing a denture? Are you about to lose some or all of your teeth? Then Dr. Arvanitis has great news for you!

Tried and tested techniques allow Dr. Arvanitis to replace your lost teeth or dentures with a new set of implant supported, fixed, non-removable teeth in one day!

Whether you need one or two front teeth replaced or all of your teeth, Dr. Arvanitis has been extracting, placing the implant(s) and immediately restoring them for many years. Why travel to Toronto or the US when Dr. Arvanitis can perform the same procedures right here in Kitchener Waterloo?

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