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Extraction with Immediate Implant and Temporary Tooth Attached to ImplantDr. George Arvanitis

Extraction with Immediate Implant and Temporary Tooth Attached to Implant

This 30 year old female presented with her upper front tooth fractured at the gum line. She wanted the tooth to be removed and an implant placed as she had been having issues with the tooth for years and wanted to have this issued resolved. The tooth was removed and an implant was placed at the same time. Additionally, in order to help maintained the gum architecture, and for the patient not to have to walk around without a tooth or with a temporary removable partial denture, a temporary tooth was placed on the implant at the same appointment. Once the implant healed, porcelain crowns were placed on both front teeth.

Radiograph of fractured tooth

Implant with temporary crown

Final Restoration in place 3 years

Photograph of the temporary restoration immediately after the implant was placed on the day of extraction

Photograph of Zirconia Post that holds the final Crown

Photograph of final crowns in place at 3 years. Notice the healthy stable position of the gum line.