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Fixed Hybrid Lower ImplantsDr. George Arvanitis

Fixed Hybrid Lower Implants

This 65 year old woman presented herself with complete upper and lower dentures. Pt came to Dr. Arvanitis to see what he could do for her. Her main concern was that her lower denture was unstable and painful to eat with. She did not want a removable denture on her lower. Six implants were placed supporting a fixed complete lower denture.

Before: Note the mental foramina are close to the top of the ridge making it very uncomfortable to wear a lower denture.

After: Radiograph showing implants and teeth at 4 years.

Complete Upper Denture and Fixed Hybrid Lower Denture.

Photograph showing metal reinforcement of the underside of the Fixed Lower Denture.

Occlusal view of Fixed Lower Denture.

Occlusal view of prosthesis in the mouth.