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Full Fixed Implant Supported Lower TeethDr. George Arvanitis

Full Fixed Implant Supported Lower Teeth

This 70 year old male presented with missing upper and lower teeth. He was getting along nicely with his upper denture but could not tolerate the lower one. He complained that his lower denture was unstable and sore to eat with. He was always insecure about his lower denture falling out in public. After much consultation he decided that he wanted to do away with the lower denture altogether and have fixed teeth. The patient had 6 implants placed to support the implant teeth. He only required 6 implants because the implant teeth were going to be biting against an opposing removable denture and the replacement teeth went to the first molar on each side.


After implant placement

After: Full fixed porcelain bridgework supported by implants

This man now enjoys his new full fixed porcelain teeth. No worries about a lower denture slipping while eating or speaking!