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Implant Dentist Waterloo, Ontario - Dr. George Arvanitis

Implant Dentist Waterloo, Ontario

Looking for an experienced Dental Implant Surgeon in Waterloo?

Come in to see Dr. Arvanitis, who has placed and restored thousands of dental implants since 1990. Dr. Arvanitis has travelled the world to learn the techniques required to perform this kind of work, logging thousands of hours of advanced education after dental school. Now Dr. Arvanitis spends his weekends giving back to his profession by teaching others these techniques. He is Director of The Ti-Max Institute for Continuing Dental Education and the Implant Maxicourse Ontario, one of 13 American Academy of Implant Dentistry Maxicourses worldwide.

Dr. Arvanitis has the expertise to handle all the reconstructive aspects of dental implants in Waterloo, from bone and gum reconstruction to sinus augmentation, and from implant placement to the final prosthetics. One Doctor from start to finish.

Dr. Arvanitis is proud to offer the revolutionary “New Teeth in a Day” technology, which allows him to extract one, two or all your teeth and replace them with implants and temporary teeth on the very same day. The procedure doesn’t require a temporary, removable prosthesis, and it is the best option for tissue conservation, convenience, and quality of life. You leave the office not even appearing to have lost a tooth.

Dr. Arvanitis also provides minimally invasive extraction techniques and bone preservation grafts, which conserve bone and soft tissues if implants aren’t being placed immediately.

Whatever your particular treatment requirements for dental implants are, Dr. Arvanitis draws on the latest breakthroughs in dental technology. His clinic uses advanced diagnostic planning with their own dental CAT scanner and computerized 3-Dimensional treatment planning for the most accurate, personalized, and effective treatment options.

For patients looking for an alternative to loose-fitting dentures, Dr. Arvanitis also offers three different options in implant supported dentures.

Are you ready for a second chance to eat, speak, and smile totally naturally? Book your free consultation with Dr. Arvanitis today!

My Dental Philosophy

Minimally Invasive Dentistry: I believe that I should only do the minimum amount of dentistry required to ensure optimal dental health.

Conservative: When two treatments exist for the same condition, I choose the treatment that is the most conservative.

Esthetic: Dentistry should not be visible to your friends. It should look as natural as possible.

Cosmetic: I believe that a beautiful smile enhances self esteem.

Dr. George Arvanitis attended the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1986 and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1990. He has been in private practice since graduation, but considers his dental degree as only the beginning of his education. In addition to running a full time dental practice Dr. Arvanitis has taken thousands of hours of continuing education from some of the most renowned masters of cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Arvanitis is Director of The Ti-Max Institute for Continuing Dental Education and The Ti-Max AAID Implant MaxiCourse which is overseen by The American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology, an Honored Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and a Fellow of the International Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics. His practice is focused on cosmetic, surgical, and implant dentistry including the placement of root form dental implants. He has placed and restored thousands of dental implants.