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Implants and Smile MakeoverDr. George Arvanitis

Implants and Smile Makeover

This 62 year old woman presented with multiple missing teeth which she wanted replaced and a desire to have a beautiful smile. Her treatment included implants to replace the missing 16/15/14 and 36, a smile makeover with crowns and a bridge in Q4. Tooth 37 was unsalvageable due to root decay. Stage 1 included a direct sinus graft Q1, extraction and socket preservation graft 37, endodontic treatment and a fixed bridge in Q4. Once the sinus graft healed, the implants were placed in Q1 and 36 areas. Four months later the implants were restored and smile makeover completed. All treatment performed by Dr. Arvanitis.

After Sinus lift
Periapical at 5 years post operatively
Bitewings at 5 years post operatively