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Implant DenturesDr. George Arvanitis

Implant Dentures

Are you tired of your loose dentures falling down? Do you want to have the self- confidence to smile and eat whatever you want, whenever you want?
Then isn’t it time for you to consider dental implants!

Implant Denture Options.

Mini Implants

4 Mini Implants

This option is a Good option for those on a tight budget who want to stabilize an existing or new denture.

Zest Locators

2 Implants with Locator Attachments

The ZEST LOCATOR Implant Attachment with patented pivoting technology is the premier system for implant-retained over-dentures.

This option is a Better option for those who want to stabilize an existing or new denture, but also want the option to upgrade their prosthetic in the future.

The Bar Over-Denture

The Bar Over-Denture

This is the very best removable option for stability if the patient does not mind having a removable denture.