Quick Guide to Dealing with Knocked Out Tooth

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Being prepared and quickly taking action are two important things when handling emergencies. The same principles apply to dental emergencies. Apart from enhancing smiles via our cosmetic dental procedures, our Kitchener cosmetic dentistry practice also aims to educate patients in dealing with common tooth injuries and pains. Below is a quick guide to dealing with knocked out teeth!

Handling Knocked Out Tooth

1. First of all, you need to make sure that the tooth was not swallowed or accidentally breathed by the person involved. Once you find the tooth, it is very crucial for you to pick it up by touching the crown (that visible portion inside your mouth).

2. Most people would often scrub the tooth to get rid of the “germs” but this is actually not advised at all. It is also important for one not to scrub the root (the one hidden below the gumline) portion as one can scrub away the tiny ligaments and cementum which are both crucial in putting the tooth back to the socket. Soap and other cleansing agents will also most likely destroy tooth cells, making it impossible to replant the tooth back.

3. Place the tooth in a salt solution or cold milk without scrubbing it. If possible, get in touch with us and take the tooth with you within 30 minutes of the accident.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kitchener, Ontario

We will do our best to replant your knocked out tooth as much as possible. However, if we think that it’s impossible to have it replanted, we have tooth replacement options depending on your preferences. Schedule your personal consultation and comprehensive dental evaluation with us by calling 519.748.2282 or by filling out this contact form. Our facilities has been designed to pamper and our little extras are all free of charge!