The Need for Premedication with Antibiotics Before a Dental Procedure

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Every so often, your dentist will recommend “antibiotic prophylaxis” before a dental procedure. Some of our clients here at our Kitchener cosmetic dentistry practice ask about this premedication requirement. So why the extra step? Let’s find out below.

Preventing Bacteremia

On a whole, your mouth is host to millions of bacteria. When a dental procedure such as tooth extraction is done, there’s a huge chance that the bacteria in your mouth will enter your bloodstream and travel down to the rest of your body causing infection. However, one shouldn’t be alarmed of this as a healthy immune system could actually help these bacteria from entering your bloodstream (referred to as bacteremia). However, there is quite a concern for bacteremia to occur in people with compromised immune system or those who have existing infections already.

Who are these people? For the most part, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental prophylaxis for two patient groups:

You can learn more about the standard prophylaxis recommendations in this ADA list of guidelines. For more information on which dental procedures specifically needs dental prophylaxis, schedule your personal consultation and comprehensive dental evaluation with us by calling 519.748.2282 or by filling out this contact form. Our facilities has been designed to pamper and our little extras are all free of charge!