Waterloo Dental: Smart Snacking Habits for Healthy Teeth

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It has been known that frequent snacking could actually increase one’s risk of tooth decay due to consistent contact of your teeth to the sugar in the snacks. The more sugar you consume, the greater the chances of plaque formation which in turn will slowly destroy your enamel (the outermost covering of your tooth). Here at Waterloo dental practice, we believe that snacking is not entirely bad for your oral health. It all depends on choosing the right type of snacks and being more more mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth.

Smart Snacking Tips You Can Use Today

1. Choose tooth-friendly snacks. Whole food sources are a great choice. The following are “tooth-friendly” snacks:

2. Limit snacks that are very high in processed sugars such as energy drinks, sodas, cookies, popsicles, jellies. You might also want to avoid sticky foods which could actually stay in between teeth.

3. Wash down your snack with water.

4. Consider brushing and flossing after snacking.

5. Read food labels. Sugar comes in almost a hundred different names. The most popular ones include glucose, sucrose, fructose, and molasses.

Avoiding Tooth Decay in Waterloo

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